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Dear Husband’s Future Wife

In the wake of the reddit post about the women throwing away and deleting photos of her husband’s late wife I feel I need to write a letter to the woman my husband will marry if I die before him.... Continue Reading →

Depression Dying 

Today I died. No, my heart did not stop beating Yes, my lungs continue to work And my brain too Today I died in a different way My soul felt empty My mind so blocked My eyes...they just wouldn't stop... Continue Reading →

Marriage Shit: Week One

So I have been married to my husband for a week and we have had our first marital conflict. I was not expecting this one so soon since we have lived together for 2 years; I thought we knew each... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Fucking Sucks

I wish I could make other people understand how much my anxiety effects my life on a daily basis. If other people understood maybe I would feel less guilty when I have to stop what I am doing and take... Continue Reading →

When accidents happen 

Anyone who has been around children know they are quick, daring, and usually accident prone. As a nanny I knew accidents would happen but I didn't realize how guilty I would feel when they did. This post is difficult for... Continue Reading →

Interviewing to be a Nanny

Interviews can be stressful and challenging but I have some tips to help you ace your interview for any nanny job. 1. Ask questions: Make sure you have all of the information you need to prepare for your interview. Ask... Continue Reading →

How to be an Awesome Nanny!

     So you have decided to be a nanny! Good on you! You've got this! Here are some basic tips to go beyond being a good nanny or a decent nanny and become an AWESOME NANNY!!      1. Sing songs:... Continue Reading →

A Nanny in the Making

       For as long as I can remember I have been good with kids. Even as a child I could provide comfort or entertainment for younger ones around me. I have always found babies and young children to... Continue Reading →

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